HP Zed - MPC and The Brewery Talk

Good day in London yesterday. Got to meet MPC Recruiter Matt Rock who was very helpful with plotting my career. The main thing that I took out of this was talking to Matt himself. Matt is in charge of recruiting riggers to MPC which is really useful as I can have him check things out and receive feedback before applying.

It’s given me a new push to get into industry and am working away currently on a facial rig.

Matt Rock from MPC discussing upcoming projects.

Careers for University Advice for Students

As a recent Graduate, I have often thought of what I could have done better/ differently with my 3 years. I don’t regret anything and miss my uni days, but I know what advice I would have liked to hear as a lowly 1st year!

So here is my advice to each discipline…

Stop-Motion - when you first enter the industry, no matter what you do or who you are, Prop Making will always be a task to do. With everything having to be created and with the expectation of rich environments, prop makers are the entry into the industry. You will probably be freelance and bounce from job to job, but that will be much like your SM peers.
Whilst at uni, I would recommend prop making. Making and testing out things is easy to do, fun to do and very easy to show off on twitter and other media platforms. If you start this early you can build up an impressive portfolio but also the skills to impress!


Image of trumpet from The Box Trolls by Laika 

Maya/3D - the industry is a very interesting one depending where you are based. In a smaller studio a generalist is a good thing. Someone who can do it all to a good level means less people needed to be employed.
Then there are the larger studios. They thrive for the best, but don’t be put down by this. You aren’t expected to be the best yet, they do train you. The only thing you simply must think about is where you fit in their productions. If they have no need for animators, then you are out of luck! Whilst on animation in larger studios… Animation is the final product and must be of a great standard. Large studios will only hire experienced or stunning animators. Animation is quite a luxurious job, like an actor, but there are many other roles that need to be filled. I personally am now a rigger as it is a needed role, but don’t get me wrong I love animating, but rigging is a testing and rewarding career!
My advice to students. Look at what jobs studios offer, and which one you would want to do. Then do it! Practice and make an impressive reel. Then apply for the job or a runner job. These runner jobs can often be the pathway to a junior role!


A production image from MPC’s - Elephunk - showing skeleton and muscle rig.

2D - the highlight of early animation is now the trickiest market to be in. You are the eternal freelancer and you need to be constantly up for sale. You need to show you are working to impress clients so keep working on tests and reels. It’s a tricky old world but 2D is still beautiful!
My advice… Get a portfolio online! A blog or web page will do perfectly! Do life drawing constantly and draw or animate often. Get this online and begin to build these networks constantly as you web of contacts will be your lead to your next job!


The Amazing World of Gumball - Cartoon Network - being partly produced in the UK

I hope this has helped! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me! Just put Student in the subject somewhere.

Another recommendation from me is to go to February’s BFI Future Film Festival. Every time I go I meet new people and make good friends! This year is on a Friday so you can spend the weekend in London!

Have fun and get working! Freshers is over! :’(

…Keep Dreaming!

App games round up

Been out and about recently so App games on my Ipad have been good for filling the times without internet or anything of interest around.

My 3 top games I have been playing recently are

3. Spymaster - a nice WW2 espionage game requiring a fair bit of strategy. Really nice concept and game play. Does get a bit samey after a while and the random injuries are a pain when you really get into a gaming session but are you team are too bloodied to play.


All round good game 7/10

2. Red bull Air Race - love this game as it really puts you in the cockpit of the race. I have watched the race a few years and love the dynamic of it. The game is a bit guided in it’s play where the plane pretty much flies itself but you have to guide it to avoid pylons. Would like to see a more flight sim system which should be entirely possible in this day and age of tablets.


Nice pace and feel 8/10

3. Goddus - Made by the genius’ that worked on the Lionhead Games, Goddus is a really nice take on the God game but is entirely adapted for tablets. As god you sculpt the land for your followers and help their community to thrive. Really makes for a unique game experience and the social community shows what others do with their land. It would be nice to have some more quests similar to the ones in the Black and White series. A bit of British whimsey is always a plus!


Lovely game and have spend far to much time sculpting instead of working. 9.5/10

Studies - Introduction

I’m starting to get back into studying after graduating. Self studying will ensure that the work I am creating is focused and controlled. I think presenting my studies to others makes me work towards something and gives others an insight into what I’m looking into. Hopefully helping them too!

After some self debate I have decided to focus on the career of Rigging. I have to say I really enjoy it and need just some more practice at it. From what I have read and heard, reality is the basis to all rigging. Even if a creature doesn’t exist, it must be able to exist to make audiences believe.

So my next posts in this feed will be looking at the BBC programme series ‘The Beauty of Anatomy’. This 5 part series looks into how art helped document discoveries into anatomy.